Ms. Rei Yoshizawa is a gaijin based in Japan.  She sent her laptop computer to Yehey Japan because her computer was not powering on.  The problem was diagnosed as being  a dead motherboard (motherboard problem) and we needed an IR machine to fix it.

We had to disassemble the laptop and take out the motherboard area.  We used the IR machine to heat it up properly to fix the motherboard. Finally we needed to test if the motherboard is powering again.  As you can see in the pictures, her computer is working again 🙂

  • Problem: Motherboard problem no power for Rei Yoshizawa  (Dead motherboard)
  • Client Name: Rei Yoshizawa
  • How much it costs:  Labor: 14,900YEN

No-power-PC-Repair-for-Rei-Yoshizawa-02No-power-PC-Repair-for-Rei-Yoshizawa-04No-power-PC-Repair-for-Rei-Yoshizawa-03No-power-PC-Repair-for-Rei-Yoshizawa-01    No-power-PC-Repair-for-Rei-Yoshizawa-06No-power-PC-Repair-for-Rei-Yoshizawa-05