Mr. Vergil Dacura is a gaijin based in Japan.  He sent his Apple Iphone 5c to Yehey Japan because his Iphone 5s had a cracked LCD + digitizer screen he wanted fixed.

Our technician was careful to remove the screen and screws to avoid unnecessary dents to the phone.  We are happy to say that we have safely fixed and replaced the Apple Iphone 5c Screen Replacement for Vergil Dakurai .  As you can see in the pictures, his Iphone is working again like new.

  • Title: Apple Iphone 5c Screen Replacement for Vergil Dakura
  • Client Name: Vergil Dakura
  • How much it costs:
    *Iphone 5c LCD + Digitizer Replacement 6,900YEN
    *Labor Replacement 3,000YEN

Apple-Iphone-5c-Screen-Replacement-for-Vergil-Dakura-01  Apple-Iphone-5c-Screen-Replacement-for-Vergil-Dakura-02

Apple-Iphone-5c-Screen-Replacement-for-Vergil-Dakura-03  Apple-Iphone-5c-Screen-Replacement-for-Vergil-Dakura-04


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