Ms. Fujine Rela is a gaijin based in Japan.  She sent her Apple IPAD to Yehey Japan because her IPAD had a cracked digitizer she wanted fixed.

We have used a professional tool to heat and remove the cracked ipad screen.  This tool allowed us to safely fix the cracked screen Ipad Digitizer for Fujine Rela .  As you can see in the pictures, her IPAD is working again.

  • Title: Cracked Screen Ipad Digitizer for Fujine Rela
  • Client Name: Fujine Rela
  • How much it costs:
    *Ipad Digitizer Replacement 9000YEN
    *Labor Replacement 3000YEN

Cracked-Screen-Fujine-Rela-01  Cracked-Screen-Fujine-Rela-02

Cracked-Screen-Fujine-Rela-03  Cracked-Screen-Fujine-Rela-04


Yehey Japan Repair Service has been repairing all kinds of computers, tablets and smartphones in Japan since 2007.  From virus removal, hard-disk replacements,  conversion from Japanese to English, Motherboard problems, cracked LCD’s and screens and many more. 

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