Terms of Service

Please read below to understand the terms of our service.

Store Information

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Phone Number

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Secondhand Dealer Permit

Yehey Japan Shop

Yehey Japan Co. Ltd

Jose Jaime Misa

121-0011 Tokyo-to Adachi-ku Chuohoncho 3-5-3 TF Biru B1F



[email protected]



Delivery Information

  • Usually ships on the same day for orders placed by 3 pm.
  • It will be delivered to you from the next day to the day after next at the earliest.
    Excludes some areas such as Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, Obon festival, year-end and New Year holidays, and remote islands.
  • It may be delayed due to weather, disasters and traffic conditions.
  • The delivery method will be via SAGAWA or YAMATO service (we may also use Postal Service on various occassions).

Payment Method and Payment Time




Cash on delivery via Sagawa

Cash on delivery via Yamato Service

Sagawa Credit card payment (additional 4% as Sagawa Charge for credit card collection)

Other charges incurred when purchasing

Additional charges other than the product price.

    • Additional delivery charge up to ¥1,000 may be charged
    • Consumption tax of 10% is already included in the price

Order expiration & Due dates

  • If payment is not received within 2 days from the date of your order, your order will be cancelled

    C.O.D. – Please pay directly to (Sagawa or Yamato service)

    Credit Card – Please give your card to Sagawa Service

    Bank Transfer: Please transfer within 2 days from the date of order

Handling Defective Products

  • Please be sure to check the item when it arrives.
    The following products will be exchanged free of charge as soon as possible.
    Please return the item to us within 7 days after it arrives.

    • When the product you applied for and the product you received are different
    • Damaged or dirty items

    Bank Transfer: Please transfer within 2 days from the date of order

About Returns

  • If the item is not defective and you wish to return it, please return it to us within 7 days of the arrival of the item.
    Customers are responsible for the shipping costs.
    However, we cannot accept returns in the following cases.

    • The product you used
    • Products that have been scratched or damaged by the customer
    • Products that have been processed or remodeled by the customer
    • Products without the product label at the time of delivery

Warranty Period

  • Brand New Items – 3 Months Warranty is given
  • Refurbished Items – 1 Month Warranty is given

Warranty Checklist

Natural failure (dropped, submerged, etc. are not covered)

[Example 1] Cannot charge, power does not turn on (smartphone takes 1 hour or more when charging is empty)

[Example 2] I am using a carrier (docomo, au, Softbank) SIM, but I cannot connect to the Internet (please check at each carrier shop).

[Example 3] Buttons do not respond at all (including physical buttons on feature phones, smartphone displays, volume, camera buttons, etc.)

[Example 4] I can’t hear the sound (please check the volume setting)

[Example 5] The display does not appear

When a failure is discovered

(1) Please contact us from the customer with the order number of the order, the name of the purchaser, the date of purchase, and the telephone number that can be easily contacted. We will check your customer information.

(2) Please ship the defective model to the address specified by this shop by payment.

(3) After the product arrives, we will check the symptoms and contact you.

(4) After confirming the failure, we will send you a replacement model (if there is no replaceable model, we will refund you).

Not Covered by Warranty

  1. Return / exchange for customer’s convenience (different from the image, wrong SIM size and type)
  2. Poor connection or internet environment problems caused by using a cheap SIM (We guarantee if similar problems occur even if you use the SIM of each carrier)
  3. When it cannot be used due to a 3G contract and a 4G (LTE) contract (Example: You cannot use a 4G (LTE) terminal purchased with a 3G contract, etc.)
  4. If you cannot contact us promptly after contacting us within the warranty period, or if it is not shipped
    (Please be sure to ship within 1 week, we can not guarantee after that)
  5. If you contact us after the day after the end of the service period (365 days from the date of shipment at the time of purchase)
  6. Failure caused by the customer’s intention, negligence, modification or handling method, or improper usage. (Wet body / battery)
  7. Failure or damage due to misuse, improper repair, processing or modification
  8. When a failure occurs due to an external factor (power failure, power supply, voltage, cable failure, disaster, etc.)
  9. Problems that occur in environments other than those specified in the instruction manual, etc.
    (including problems caused by using SIMs other than those issued by carriers and using cables other than genuine products)
  10. When the main body is destroyed or damaged
  11. After the manufacturer declares a recall, a failure or malfunction related to the part caused by the recall
  12. When there is no problem in use such as scratches on the exterior, peeling of paint, dirt, etc.
  13. Defects or defects that do not show symptoms even after checking (If you can not check, we will return it by cash on delivery)
  14. When there is no problem with the basic operation of the product
  15. Deterioration of accessories, consumables, and battery
  16. If you lose your warranty
  17. New contract handling fee
  18. Model change office fee
  19. Repair price
  20. Failure or damage caused to equipment repaired by a non-manufacturer-certified contractor
  21. Guarantee for direct and indirect damage caused by initial failure of the product
  22. Failure or damage that had already occurred when the warranty service started
  23. All data in the defective product (including Osaifu-Keitai)
  24. Downloaded applications and content such as music, videos, and games
  25. Problems related to updating applications and OS installed after purchase
  26. Second and subsequent guarantees
  27. When a breakdown occurs and you bring it to another store before our store
  28. Damage covered by other guarantee systems or insurance systems